Clash of Clans BEST Town Hall 8 Farming Base (TH8) Air Sweeper 2015 TH8 Farming - WebTv

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NEW CLASH OF CLANS TH8 FARMING BASE WITH AIR SWEEPER. TH8 AIR SWEEPER FARMING BASE DESIGN WITH MAXIMUM DEFENSE!! NOTE - PUT THE AIR SWEEPER WHERE A TESLA IS IN THE CORE! Best Town Hall 8 Farming base with the edition of the 4th mortar! This base is also relevant to 2015 and was sent in via Twitter. Hope you all enjoy this TH8 farming base! ~Stay Sexy Note - I am only using buildings available at Town Hall 8! Song- Unison - Reality FREE GEMS - Use My Cash For Apps Code- fsuatlTwitter- for more! ;)Intro Song- South Central - Jaw Drop (Sawgood Remix - South Central Edit)Outro Song- Favulous ft We Are Presidents - Pop Art